Entrance Randomizer

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Community effort by LLCoolDave, KevinCathcart, AmazingAmpharos, qwertymodo.


  • None
    • Vanilla entrances
  • Restricted
    • Like Simple except Single-entrance Caves, Multi-entrance Caves & Light World Death Mountain are added to the pool
  • Full
    • Like Restricted except Single-entrance Dungeons, Multi-entrance Dungeons are added to the pool
  • Crossed
    • Like Full except Multi-entrance Caves & Dungeons can lead to opposite worlds (Light World <-> Dark World).
  • Insanity/Decoupled/Extreme
    • Like Crossed except that exiting the way you entered will take you somewhere entirely different.
    • Single-Entrance Caves still exit to where you came in.
    • Skull Woods remains as in Simple

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