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Elia's Travel Guide to ALttPR No Logic

A guide in progress by arborelia.

Getting started

Many of the techniques you'll need to get started in No Logic are also used in Hybrid Major Glitches. I recommend starting with some HMG runs, so you'll have practice doing overworld glitches, using a small amount of cave state, and bringing keys between dungeons.

You should have the Overworld Glitches Annotated Map handy for navigating the overworld, and the underworld EG map for understanding underworld movement.

You don't have to start with Crystal Bosses

Crystal Bosses is a harder goal than just finishing a No Logic seed. I recommend not starting with the harder goal.

Sure, all races are currently done with the Crystal Bosses goal so that experts don't just find go mode in Kakariko, but you're not racing yet. Just get the 7 crystals any way you can. The dungeon guides here describe how to get dungeon prizes even without defeating the bosses.

If a seasoned No Logic player shows up in your chat and says you're doing it wrong, tell them this guide says it's okay. They probably originally learned to play No Logic without the crystal bosses rule, too!

Sphere 1

In most seeds, you could think about the "spheres" of logic: sphere 0 is your starting items, sphere 1 is the locations you can get to using your starting items, sphere 2 is the locations you can get to using the items you find in sphere 1, and so on. You often want to make sure to complete enough of "Sphere 1" to collect all the progress items in it before you dive deeper into the seed.

There isn't logic here, and there are a startling number of chests you can reach with only your boots, bombs, and rupees (many of the paths are madness-inducing). But you can think of Sphere 1 as the locations that are reasonable to reach from the start of a No Logic seed:

Palace of Darkness

Palace of Darkness (NL) can be a good dungeon to visit early:

  • You can access it quickly from Death Mountain via Kiki Skip
  • It's got 12 checks in sphere 1 that you can reach in cave state
  • You can check the big chest with any cave state big key (such as the Hyrule Castle big key from Zelda's cell guard)

You can even re-enter the dungeon and reach the Helmasaur room using Statue Drag, but the decision you have to make is whether you have enough equipment by then to succeed at the fight. Clearing Palace of Darkness in a single trip is good routing and very satisfying, but it can be wise to come back later with better equipment to defeat the boss.

When you find a bottle

A single bottle makes many more locations available:

Once you have a bottle, you're mostly looking for ways to defeat bosses and collect crystals, and items that make it more convenient to get around.

Some locations are going to require multiple bottles or more equipment to reach. For example, Ganon's Tower (NL) can be reached in cave state via a YBA from Hookshot Cave. If you don't have the moon pearl, you'll need two bottles: one to Fake Flute, and one to perform the YBA in Hookshot Cave.

If you have one bottle and the Moon Pearl, depending on where you found the bottle, you may be able to collect multiple of that bottle by going from the bottle's location to the Village of Outcasts and performing Tree Warp.

If you can't find a bottle

Go mode checklist

Some dungeons have enough ways to complete them that you don't need to worry about them. Here are the big ones to worry about, if they are crystals. Remember that the dungeon links here go to a detailed guide for each dungeon.

Can you complete Swamp Palace (NL)?

  • A Hera or Mire small key lets you enter Swamp from the middle, via Hera.
  • Flippers and a hookshot get you to the boss once you're inside.
  • If you lack flippers or hookshot, you can YBA from Swamp to Hera to collect the crystal.
  • If you need to defeat Arrghus due to the Crystal Bosses rule, you can get there from Desert Palace (NL) with a requirement of up to 3 bottles. (Cane of Somaria can replace the first two bottles, and a mirror for Mirror Door can replace the last.) You don't need a hookshot for this glitched Arrghus fight.
  • You can get the crystal instead using dungeon ID swapping from Hyrule Castle Tower (NL), but this requires a lot of setup, and more equipment than the YBA to Hera.

Can you complete Turtle Rock (NL)?

  • If you need to fight Trinexx due to Crystal Bosses, the fire rod and ice rod are strictly required.
  • You can get to Trinexx from Laser Bridge with a small key and two bottles, or three bottles if you have no moon pearl and need to Fake Flute to reach Laser Bridge.

Can you complete Misery Mire (NL)?

  • To get the prize of Mire, you need the Mire medallion, or you need two bottles (or one bottle and the Cane of Somaria) to set up dungeon ID swapping.
  • If you're missing the big key or the Cane of Somaria, consider getting the Mire prize from Tower of Hera (NL).
  • If you need to defeat Vitreous, you can get to a glitched Vitreous fight with a spin YBA from Hyrule Castle Tower (NL). You'll need to get past both locked doors in the tower, but a bottle can YBA you past the first one.

Can you complete Eastern Palace (NL)?

  • If you don't have the big key, the Cane of Somaria will do.
  • If it's not a Crystal Bosses goal, you can YBA to Misery Mire (NL) and then clip to Tower of Hera (NL) to collect the prize.
  • If you don't have the bow, but you do have the lamp, cane, hookshot, and equipment that makes projectiles, you can hookpush to the Armos Knights fight.

Can you complete Skull Woods (NL)?

  • If it's not a Crystal Bosses goal, you can YBA to Tower of Hera (NL).
  • If you don't have the fire rod, a hookpush can get you into the final section instead, using the lamp, cane of somaria, bow, and hookshot.

Can you reach the Agahnim 2 fight in Ganon's Tower (NL)?

  • The fastest, easiest way is the Lava Dive from Turtle Rock (NL). You'll need the Cane of Somaria or the TR big key to get to that location, and a bottle to perform the YBA.