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Statue Drag is a major glitch where the game thinks you're pulling on a statue as you go through a door. It is the only way to Door Juke (cross over a door's transition line without transitioning through it) in a north-facing door.

Normally, when you are pushing or pulling a statue, you stop when you release the A button. However, if you release A while getting knocked back or mirroring, you will still have the ability to drag a statue when you press A again (even with no statue there). Door transitions don't happen while you're dragging a nonexistent statue.

This glitch is only allowed under the No Logic ruleset.

Statue Drag to Helmasaur

You can reach and defeat Helmasaur in No Logic with nothing but bombs, a weapon for fighting Helmasaur, enough health to survive two bombs and a spike, and optionally a mirror.

This guide will describe the setup with the mirror. The longer setup without the mirror appears at the end of malmo's Statue Drag to Helmasaur guide.


Open the key door in the Palace of Darkness (NL) lobby, then mirror while pushing on the right statue.

Door jukes

When Statue Drag is armed, you can hold A to drag a non-existent statue. If you release A while being knocked back from damage, the Statue Drag state will be preserved.

In this step, you will use statue drag three times:

  • To bomb snap into the door without going through it
  • To door juke the subtile transition to the north, then walk over it to the south
  • To door juke the door to the south, which will no longer lead outside

Line up with the door in the middle of the tile by sliding sideways against the wall with your sword out, and drop a bomb in the door. Before the bomb explodes, walk a little bit into the door, face south, and hold A to drag to the north. Stop moving when just the tips of Link's knuckles are visible (one pixel of Link's hands, or just the outline). Stay in this position and release A while the bomb explodes. This should leave you at Y coordinate $910. Tap left, and confirm that you're on the correct coordinate -- you should see just the bottom pixel of Link's shadow in the door.

The second statue drag has a timing and positioning requirement that is tricky to achieve because you won't be able to see your sprite. You want to drop a bomb facing left, wait a short amount of time, tap down, and statue drag upward (for about 3 seconds) until the bomb explodes. The "short amount of time" is often measured as "two sword slashes", though I found that while learning I tended to momentarily hesitate enough that one sword slash was the correct timing instead.

During the drag upward, your Y coordinate should pass $900 and reach a value from $8FD to $8FF. The bomb knockback should snap you back to $900. This jukes the transition. Once again, release all buttons during the explosion.

This part really isn't visible in screenshots. Here's the explosion at the end

Walk down through the room (remember not to dash). You should see the screen scroll to a screen-wrapped version of the room, where the lobby door no longer leads outside. If the screen doesn't scroll like this, you didn't juke the transition correctly and you'll need to start over.

Statue drag downward though this door until pots are fully visible in the lower left and lower right corners, then release and walk normally the rest of the way through the door.

You are now done with the statue dragging part, and you can dash after this. You're in a screen-wrapped version of the PoD lobby that you can manipulate to enter Helmasaur's room.

Getting to the Helmasaur tile

Walk down and right through the gap where the statue used to be, then up and right to between the two pots. Lift the right pot to hit the floor switch, and walk back to the left.

You can choose to lift the left pot also (it contains a bomb, which you might need), but it can be helpful to leave it there to line up against.

Walk up and down repeatedly to scroll the screen, until the bottom edge of the screen is in the middle of the second brick up from the floor. Don't accidentally enter the stairs. Then walk or dash directly down. You'll wrap around the screen, come through the shutter door, and it will shut behind you. From this point, do not press up until you get to Helmasaur's tile.

The objects you are near at this point are the same pots, though you can't see them. Hug the right side of the left pot again. Walk right to step on the switch again, then left back to where you were, on the right side of the left pot. Walk or dash down until the screen transition.

Unwrapping the boss fight

When you enter the Helmasaur tile, nothing will be visible and you'll be in the top wall, among the spikes.

Hold left as you enter the tile. You'll take damage from a spike. As the damage is knocking you back, hold up-left to escape from the spike area.

Now you can move up and down until the camera gets to the correct part of the tile, and fight Helmasaur.

If the screen transitions back up instead of getting you into the Helmasaur fight, either you scrolled the screen incorrectly in the previous step, or you pressed up+left too soon.