Desert Ledge

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Desert Ledge^
World Light World
Subzone Desert of Mystery
Floor {{{floor}}}
Coordinates {{{coords}}}
Cost 0
Standing 1
Chests 0
Bombable 0
Bonkable 0
Other 0
Viewable prior to Accessible

The Desert Ledge is located in the Light World Desert of Mystery. Access to the Desert Palace is required to retrieve the item and no additional equipment is required to view the item.

It can be accessed via the Light World if you have access to the Desert Palace and can exit via the southwest exit of the dungeon.

It can be accessed via the Dark World if you have the Flute to flute to 6, Titan's Mitt to lift the heavy rock, and Magic Mirror to warp back to the Light World to appear on the ledge.


You find a Heart Piece.