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Default Trinity Presets

You can combine the following modes to generate whatever you prefer by using the SahasrahBot /alttpr preset preset:trinity/preset command: First pick one of the World States you want to play in. Next you CAN add an Item Variation to your selection, but you don't have to. Spice it up as you want. If you know what you want, put them together and send the command. Examples:

  • preset:trinity/open -> The current default preset, but it also says "Trinity Open" instead of just "Trinity".
  • preset:trinity/retro -> This will result in a Trinity Retro game
  • preset:trinity/blitzkeys -> This will give you a Trinity Blitz Keysanity seed
  • preset:trinity/owgwyld -> You want this? Okay, you would get an Overworld Glitches seed with full "Mystery Keysanity"

World States

Warning! You can't combine World States with each other. If you want to - for example - play "Overworld Glitched Inverted Keysanity", this will need a separate preset.

Item Variation

  • keys -> this adds Keysanity to your world state
  • mc -> not a full Keysanity, since only maps and compasses are spread all around the world (exception: Retro world state, where the small keys are "universal")
  • mcs -> all big keys stay inside their dungeon, the rest (maps, compasses and small keys) are shuffled around the world
  • bk -> all dungeon items are inside their dungeon, except for the big keys
  • wyld -> full Keysanity, but you won't get ANY hint of what you just picked up .. and the Dungeon Item Menu isn't there, too. (Hint: can be exploited with an Auto Tracker *sigh*)

Special Trinity Presets

These can't be combined (right now). Maybe check out karafruit's or thkg00fy's website linked on the Trinity start page.

Old Trinity versions can be played by using v and the corresponding version number, for example /alttpr preset preset:trinity/v3

Logic States

Difficulty levels

  • easy -> 5 HP start, already one Fairy bottle equipped, Sword assured, standard world state, uncle spoils the Boots location
  • hard -> Item Pool and Functionality set to HARD, Enemies are harder to kill and might hit you even a bit harder
  • expert -> Item Pool and Functionality set to EXPERT, Enemies are basically TANKS!
  • insanity -> 1 HP start, massively reduced Item Pool, Full Enemizer and Chaos Boss shuffle. Good luck!

Custom Presets

Famous Variations

  • swordless -> Swords never bothered anyway
  • openboots -> like open, but you start with Pegasus Boots
  • casualboots -> like standard, but you start with a Sword and Pegasus Boots
  • ambrosia -> standard start, uncle spoils Boots location, bosses won't drop dungeon items
  • invrosia -> similar to ambrosia, but inverted. Big Keys are also shuffled, except for GT.

Unavailable Trinity Presets (via SahasrahBot)

  • Entrance Shuffe / Cross Keys / Doors Shuffle -> currently not available via SahasrahBot, but you can use Offline branches like "DoorsRandomizer" and "OverworldShuffle", or simply use the web version from Kara or thkg00fy. Links can be found on the Trinity start page
  • Mystery -> it's currently not possible to roll a randomized Mystery Seed, but you might check out thkg00fy's Daily Challenges.

Wishes / Ideas

If you think there's something missing here, just contact user thkg00fy or Trinity on the ALTTPR Discord.