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Trinity is a goal format that gives the player the option of three ways to finish a seed:

For a better balancing, the following settings are used:

  • the internal goal is set to Fast Ganon, but the number of needed Crystals is always set to random
  • 10 Triforce Pieces are added to the item pool, from which 8 are needed to finish
  • no need to check the Pedestal, since it always contains the Triforce

Since Trinity is not (yet?) implemented in the default Randomizer, you will have to use one of the following ways to roll your own seed:

  • there are two options via SahasrahBot:
    • use the command /alttpr preset preset:trinity for the default version
    • for other variations use /alttpr preset preset:trinity/preset
  • other implementations:
    • Aerinon added Trinity to the AlttprDoorRandomizer
    • codemann8 included Trinity inside his ALttP Overworld Shuffle
      • karafruit has added this randomizer in her web version
        • remember to select "Trinity" in the Preset or Goal list
      • a similar version is availabe from thkg00fy, offering a "Mystery Trinity Daily Challenge"

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