Note: These guides assume that you're running Windows (HexChat for IRC, Snes9X for emulation, OBS Studio for broadcasting) and using Twitch to receive your stream.

ALttPR: A Link to the Past Randomizer

SRL Races Viewer

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ALttPR Fall 2018

ALttPR Fall Qualifiers 2018

ALttPR OWG 2018

ALttPR Spring 2018

ALttPR Keysanity 2018

ALttPR Fall Entrando 2017

ALttPR Fall 2ndary 2017

ALttPR Fall Finals 2017

ALttPR Fall Main 2017

ALttPR Spring 2017

ALttSM Summer 2018

ALttSM Summer Teams 2018


ALttP Text Image Generator
ALttPR Bingo Helper
Damage Table
Dark Room Maps
Interactive Map
Palette Test
ROM Filename Decoder
ROM Type Chart
Spoiler Analyzer
SwagDuck National Anthem

Periodic Races

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