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Emulator Setup

Emulator Use Don't Use
bgb 1.5.2+
VBA None All
VBA-M None All
Emulator Use Don't Use
VBA 1.7.2+
mGBA 0.9.0+
VBA-M None All
Sega Master System
Emulator Use Don't Use
Fusion 3.64+
Emulator Use Don't Use
FCEUX 2.2.0+
Emulator Use Don't Use
Snes9x* 1.60+ 1.4.x
Snes9x MSU-1 Support** 1.60+ 1.54-
higan 102+
Snes9x 1.54 core
Win7+: 2.0+
Win7-: 1.13.1
Snes9x core
(no year)
1.6+ 1.5-
higan core***
MacOS: 2.0.5
Mesen-S 0.4.0 0.3.0-
SNES Classic Guide
SNES Mini Guide
ZSNES None All
Emulator Use Don't Use
RetroArch Guide
BizHawk Guide
OpenEmu Guide


Why is ZSNES crap?

ZSNES is crap because it hasn't been updated in 17 years.
ZSNES is crap because it can't perform basic arithmetic (255 + 255 isn't 100).
ZSNES is crap because it can be hacked to run arbitrary code at the Operating System level of the host machine.
ZSNES is crap because it crashes in ALttPR's Palace of Darkness on Keysanity variation if you pick up a compass.
ZSNES is crap because it doesn't accurately emulate the lag that is present on console, therefore, not having an accurate baseline for time comparison.

Why doesn't it work on my portable console homebrew solution?

If you're using any of the recommended emulators listed on the left and it's not working on your portable console homebrew solution, it's likely because the internal core version of the software you're using is not actually in line with the versions listed on the left. The external version may read as in-compliance, but the internal software actually is not.
There have been reports that it doesn't function properly on 3DS, PSP, and SNES Classic/Mini.
If you're willing to take the risk at bricking your machine, the SNES Classic/Mini can be loaded with RetroArch to run ALttPR.
Note that standard warnings apply: You're only permitted to place games on it that you own licenses for (example: You own the cartridge/disc/disk that corresponds to the version of the game you wish to load onto the machine).
**: Custom MSU-1 Support requires advanced knowledge of the system to get working appropriately. Snes9x requires version 1.55+.
There is a guide available to get you on your way.
To install Snes9x you may also need DirectX 9.
Consider adjusting the hotkeys for layers.

***: OpenEmu likes to snap back to Snes9x as the default SNES core. This particular version tends to be outdated. Use the higan core that is bundled with OpenEmu instead and apply it per game file. In theory, you may be able to remove/disable the Snes9x core to avoid this.

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