What's been Randomized?
  Standard Open Normal Hard Expert Timed Timed-Race Timed-OHKO OHKO Tourney No Glitches Minor Glitches Major Glitches Defeat Ganon All Dungeons Master Sword Pedestal
Your House Start Start               
Sanctuary Yes Start               
Mountain Man Yes Yes               
Fat Fairy 2 Chests 2 Chests               
Ganon's Shame Chest     N/A Silvers Nothing            
Link's Uncle L1 Sword Random               
Spike Cave Damage     1 1/4 1/4            
Pegasus Boots                         Sanctuary    
Uncle may spoil Boots     Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes        
Lamp/Zelda to push Shelf Yes No               
Zelda pre-saved No Yes               
Sanctuary unlocked No Yes               
Hyrule Castle Gate open Yes Start               
Sahasrahla spoils Green Pendant Location                   Yes       
Bomb Shop spoils Crystals 5/6 Locations Yes Yes               
Ganon is Invulnerable                               Yes
Ganon spoils Silvers Location Yes Yes               
Sewers Always-on Lamp Yes No                 Yes Yes Yes    
Light World Always-on Lamp No No                 Yes No No    
Dark World Always-on Lamp No No                 No No No    
Fake DW Patch                     Yes Yes No    
Swamp Palace Reset                     Yes No No    
Anti-Fairies w/ Powder     Fairy Bees! Bees!            
Blue Boomerang     Yes No No            
Red Boomerang     Yes No No            
Bug-Catching Net     Yes No No            
Blue Cane     Yes No No            
Capacity Bonus (Arrows + 5) 0 0       0 0          
Capacity Bonus (Arrows +10) 0 0       0 0          
Capacity Bonus (Bombs + 5) 0 0       2 0          
Capacity Bonus (Bombs +10) 0 0       3 0          
Capacity Upgrades (Arrows/Bombs)     Yes No No            
Dungeon Items     Yes No No            
Magic Cape     Yes Yes Yes            
Magic Cape Cost     1x 2x 4x            
Magic Upgrade     Yes No No            
Blue Mail     Yes Yes No            
Red Mail     Yes No No            
Heart Containers     11 0 0            
Pieces of Heart     24 24 12            
Total Heart Containers     20 9 6            
Fighters' Shield     Yes Yes No            
Red Shield     Yes Yes No            
Mirror Shield     Yes No No            
L2 Sword     Yes Yes Yes            
L3 Sword     Yes Yes No            
L4 Sword     Yes No No            
Silver Arrows     Yes Yes* No            
Bottles     4 2 1             2 4    
Potion: Health Refill     100% 5 Hearts 1 Heart            
Potion: Magic Refill     100% 50% 25%            
Potions/Shields Cost     1x 2x 99x            
Rupoors (20 in pool)     -0 -10 -20            
Progressive Gloves     2 2 2           Yes      
Progressive Mails     2 1 0           Yes      
Progressive Shields     3 2 1           Yes      
Progressive Swords     3 2 1           Yes      
Clock Red Quantity           15 10          
Clock Blue Quantity             10          
Clock Green Quantity           25 20 25         
Clock Red Time           -2.5min 2min          
Clock Blue Time             -2min          
Clock Green Time           5min -4min 5min         
Timer Mode           DNF Stopwatch OHKO OHKO        
Timer Start           45min 0:00 10min 0:00        
Bomb Jumps                     No Yes Yes    
Fake Flippers                     No Yes Yes    
Dungeon Bunny Revival                     No Yes Yes    
Overworld Bunny Revival                     No Yes Yes    
Super Bunny                     No Yes Yes    
Surfing Bunny                     No Yes Yes    
Overworld YBA                     No No Yes    
Out-of-Bounds                     No No Yes    
Screenwraps                     No No Yes