1Don't Use ZSNES
2Game File CRC
3Don't Use YY-CHR!
4Maze Race Solution
5Bombs Acquisition
6Have you tried murdering the wizard?
7Death Mountain Traversal
8Paradox Cave
9Pyramid to Dark World North
10Dark Graveyard to King's Tomb & Graveyard Ledge
11Dark Kakariko Portal
12Warp Tiles (Dollar Store version)
13Warp Tiles (Game Icons version)
14Thieves' Maiden, no Glove
15Item Screen/Y-Items
16Sidequest Summary
17Play Vanilla before Rando
18ALttP can't Walk & Breathe at the Same Time
19Big Key Chest != Big Chest
20Don't Make Me Load the Practice Hack
21Duck of Doom
22Emulator Layers
24MSU-1 Tracks

Don't Use ZSNES - ALttPR (1, zsnes)

ZSNES sucks. Git a gud emulator.