1Don't Use ZSNES
2Game File CRC
3Game File Verifier
4Don't Use YY-CHR!
5Boss Damage Table
6Archery Game Solution
7Maze Race Solution
8Bombs Acquisition
9Have you tried murdering the wizard?
10Death Mountain Traversal
11Paradox Cave
12Pyramid to Dark World North
13Dark Graveyard to King's Tomb & Graveyard Ledge
14Dark Kakariko Portal
15Warp Tiles (Dollar Store version)
16Warp Tiles (Game Icons version)
17Thieves' Maiden, no Glove
18Item Screen/Y-Items
19Sidequest Summary
20Play Vanilla before Rando
21ALttP can't Walk & Breathe at the Same Time
22Big Key Chest != Big Chest
23Keylock Possibilities
24Don't Make Me Load the Practice Hack
25Duck of Doom
26Emulator Layers
28MSU-1 Tracks

Don't Use ZSNES - ALttPR (1, zsnes)

ZSNES sucks. Git a gud emulator.