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1Don't Use ZSNES
2Game File CRC
3Permalink Finder*
4Game File Verifier*
6Holy Image Debug Menu*
7Game Dump
8Game Dump: Classic 2 Magic
9Game Dump: SuperNT*
10Game Dump: Retrode 2*
11The choices are Link's and Link's alone!*
12Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce Info Page*
13Game Dump
14Game Dump
15Game Dump: Classic 2 Magic
16Game Dump: SuperNT*
17Game Dump: Retrode 2*
18The choices are Samus' and Samus' alone!*
19Super Metroid Info Page*
20Game Dump
22Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch*
23Holy Diver*
24The choices are yours and yours alone!
25Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce Info Page*
26Leaked 'Official' Source Code
27Downloadable Clients*
28Don't Use YY-CHR!
29Digital Millennium Copyright Act/DMCA
30The Rando Development Philosophy on Vanilla*
31ROM 'Code'
32Link Sprite Palette Block
33Link Sprite Mail/Bunny*
34Link Sprite Zap Palette
35Link Sprite Sheet
36Seeking assistance with source code for Z3-style & M3-style de/compression algorithm
37100%; 216/216
38Festive Randomizer
39Purple Squares*
40Boss Damage Table*
41Damage Table (full)*
42SD2SNES/FXPAK PRO In-game Hooks
43Archery Game Solution
44Maze Race Solution
45Bombs Acquisition
46Rupee Acquisition*
47Rupee Pull
48Fish Prize*
49Crab Prize*
50Toppo Prize*
51Back of Sewers
52Dark Room Navigation*
53Save & Quit for Travel
54Advanced Item Placement
55Hyrule Castle Garage Door
56Invisible Floor Navigation*
57Fake Flipper Fix Reversion
58Quadrant Glitch*
60Spoiler Log
61Haven't played in 20 years!
62Have you tried murdering the wizard?
63Have you tried murdering the pig?
64Death Mountain Traversal
65Paradox Cave
66Cave 45
67Pyramid to Dark World North
68Dark Graveyard to King's Tomb & Graveyard Ledge
69Dark Kakariko Portal
70Bumper Cave Traversal
71Palace of Darkness: Dark Maze
72Ice Palace: Stairs
73Ganon's Tower as Bunny
74Ganon's Tower: Pathways
75Ganon's Tower: Keys for Ascent
76Master Sword/Silverless Ganon*
77Forgotten Forest*
78Enemizer IS jank!
80Entity Maps
81Warp Tiles (Dollar Store version)
82Warp Tiles (Game Icons version)
83Thieves' Maiden, no Glove
84Item Screen/Y-Items
85Sidequest Summary*
86Turtle Rock Entrance Peg Randomization*
87Overworld Transition Randomization*
89Play Vanilla before Rando
90ALttP can't Walk & Breathe at the Same Time
91Big Key Chest != Big Chest
92Door Rando Map
93Door Rando Chibi Maps
94Dungeon Maps
95Enemy Prize Packs*
96Interactive EG Map*
97EG1 Map
98EG2 Map
99Bombable Walls*
100Bonkable Locations*
101Spawnable Locations*
102NPC Item Locations*
103Keylock Possibilities*
104Don't Make Me Load the Practice Hack
105Duck of Doom
107Remembering the time I accidentally Ice Palace
10827 Swords
109Emulator Layers*
111Link and the Links AU*
112MSU-1 Tracks*
113Bad Zelda Pun
114The choices are yours and yours alone!
115Have you tried murdering the brain?
116Samus Sprite Palette Block*
117Samus Sprite Sheet
118Samus Status Screen Paper Doll
119Samus Sprite: T-shirt Cannon Edition
120Keysanity Doors
121Destroy @Shaktool
122@Shaktool pings random people
123Tech: canBePatient
124Tech: canBeVeryPatient
125Tech: canPrepareForNextRoom
126Tech: canSuitlessLavaDive
127Tech: canHeatRun
128Tech: canSuitlessMaridia
129Tech: canSunkenTileWideWallClimb
130Tech: canCrossRoomJumpIntoWater
131Tech: canSpaceJumpWaterBounce
132Tech: canSpaceJumpWaterEscape
133Tech: canDisableEquipment
134Tech: canPlayInSand
135Tech: canEscapeSand
136Tech: canSandfallBounce
137Tech: canManageReserves
138Tech: canPauseAbuse
139Tech: canDownGrab
140Tech: canDownBack
141Tech: canStopOnADime
142Tech: canMoonwalk
143Tech: canMoonfall
144Tech: canMoondance
145Tech: canExtendedMoondance
146Tech: canEnemyStuckMoonfall
147Tech: canResetFallSpeed
148Tech: canMidAirMorph
149Tech: canWallJumpInstantMorph
150Tech: can3HighWallMidAirMorph
151Tech: can4HighMidAirMorph
152Tech: canRJump
153Tech: canLateralMidAirMorph
154Tech: canSpringBallBounce
155Tech: canStationaryLateralMidAirMorph
156Tech: canMockball
157Tech: canSpeedball
158Tech: canBounceBall
159Tech: canTwoTileSqueeze
160Tech: canCrouchGateClip
161Tech: canTunnelCrawl
162Tech: canQuickCrumbleEscape
163Tech: canMidairWiggle
164Tech: canOffScreenMovement
165Tech: canUseGrapple
166Tech: canPreciseGrapple
167Tech: canGrappleJump
168Tech: canTrickyGrappleJump
169Tech: canBombGrappleJump
170Tech: canGrappleTeleport
171Tech: canCrouchJump
172Tech: canTurnaroundSpinJump
173Tech: canFlatleyJump
174Tech: canGravityJump
175Tech: canIframeSpikeJump
176Tech: canStationarySpinJump
177Tech: canSpringBallJumpMidAir
178Tech: canTrickySpringBallJump
179Tech: canDoubleSpringBallJumpMidAir
180Tech: canUnderwaterBombIntoSpringBallJump
181Tech: canSpringwall
182Tech: canSpringFling
183Tech: canCrumbleJump
184Tech: canCarefulJump
185Tech: canTrickyJump
186Tech: canTrickyDashJump
187Tech: canInsaneJump
188Tech: canCWJ
189Tech: canWalljump
190Tech: canPreciseWalljump
191Tech: canDelayedWalljump
192Tech: canInsaneWalljump
193Tech: canConsecutiveWalljump
194Tech: canFastWalljumpClimb
195Tech: canStaggeredWalljump
196Tech: canUnderwaterWalljump / canWackyAssUnderwaterSingleWalljumpShit
197Tech: canUnmorphBombBoost
198Tech: canWallJumpBombBoost
199Tech: canBombHorizontally
200Tech: canHBJ
201Tech: canIBJ
202Tech: canJumpIntoIBJ
203Tech: canBombAboveIBJ
204Tech: canCeilingBombJump
205Tech: canDiagonalBombJump
206Tech: canSandIBJ
207Tech: canDoubleBombJump
208Tech: canStaggeredIBJ
209Tech: canSpringBallBombJump
210Tech: canBombJumpWaterEscape
211Tech: canUseEnemies
212Tech: canSnailClimb
213Tech: canNeutralDamageBoost
214Tech: canHorizontalDamageBoost
215Tech: canManipulateMellas
216Tech: canSamusEaterStandUp
217Tech: canKago
218Tech: canUseFrozenEnemies
219Tech: canMochtroidIceClimb
220Tech: canTrickyUseFrozenEnemies
221Tech: canWallIceClip
222Tech: canCrazyCrabClimb
223Tech: canMetroidAvoid
224Tech: canBabyMetroidAvoid
225Tech: canDodgeWhileShooting
226Tech: canEscapeEnemyGrab
227Tech: canEnemyExtendRunway
228Tech: canTrickyEnemyExtendRunway
229Tech: canHitbox
230Tech: canPseudoScrew
231Tech: canWalljumpWithCharge
232Tech: canSpecialBeamAttack
233Tech: canOffScreenSuperShot
234Tech: canGateGlitch
235Tech: canWrapAroundShot
236Tech: canGrappleClip
237Tech: canHeroShot
238Tech: canAutoCancelWeapon
239Tech: canShinespark
240Tech: canHorizontalShinespark
241Tech: canMidairShinespark
242Tech: canShinesparkDeepStuck
243Tech: canShinechargeMovement
244Tech: canShinechargeMovementComplex
245Tech: canShinechargeMovementTricky
246Tech: canUseSpeedEchoes
247Tech: canSlowShortCharge
248Tech: canSpeedKeep
249Tech: canBlueSpaceJump
250Tech: canTemporaryBlue
251Tech: canChainTemporaryBlue
252Tech: canWaterShineCharge
253Tech: canStutterWaterShineCharge
254Tech: canXRayWaitForIFrames
255Tech: canXRayTurnaround
256Tech: canXRayStandUp
257Tech: canXRayClimb
258Tech: canRightSideDoorStuck
259Tech: canRightSideDoorStuckFromWater
260Tech: canXMode
261Tech: canSuperJump
262Tech: canEnterRMode
263Tech: canEnterGMode
264Tech: canEnterGModeImmobile
265Tech: canArtificialMorph
266Tech: canDownwardGModeSetup
267Tech: canUpwardGModeSetup
268Tech: canAwakenZebes
269Tech: canRiskPermanentLossOfAccess
270Tech: canCeilingClip
271Tech: canXRayCeilingClip
272Tech: canPreciseCeilingClip
273Tech: canPartialFloorClip
274Tech: canCrystalFlash
275Tech: canBombIntoCrystalFlashClip
276Tech: canJumpIntoCrystalFlashClip
277Tech: can10PowerBombCrystalFlash
278Tech: canTurnaroundAimCancel
279Tech: canMomentumConservingTurnaround
280Tech: canCameraManip
281Tech: canDeepTransition
282Tech: canSkipDoorLock
283Item: Power Beam*
284Item: Power Suit*
285Item: Morph Ball*
286Item: Bombs*
287Item: Charge*
288Item: Hi Jump Boots*
289Item: Spazer*
290Item: Varia*
291Item: Speed Booster*
292Item: Ice*
293Item: Grappling Beam*
294Item: Wave*
295Item: X-Ray Scope*
296Item: Gravity*
297Item: Space Jump*
298Item: Spring Ball*
299Item: Plasma*
300Item: Screw Attack*
301Item: Energy Tank*
302Item: Energy Tank*
303Item: Super*
304Item: Missile*
305Item: Reserve Tank*
306Item: Reserve Tank*
307Item: Power Bomb*
312Geemer (blue)*
313Geemer (grey)*
314Geemer (orange)*
317Kihunter (green)*
320Ripper 2 (green)*
324Grey Space Pirate (standing)*
325Green Space Pirate (standing)*
326Grey Space Pirate (wall)*
329Yapping Maw*
340Ripper 2 (red)*
341Sm. Sidehopper*
347Kihunter (yellow)*
350Kame (Tatori)*
351Kame Baby*
358Pink Space Pirate (standing)*
359Pink Space Pirate (wall)*
368Kihunter (red)*
374Sm. Dessgeega*
376Red Space Pirate (standing)*
377Yellow Space Pirate (standing)*
378Yellow Space Pirate (wall)*
379Space Pirate (fighting)*
385Tourian Space Pirate (all)*
386Blue Sidehopper*
387Custom Climb Pirate*
388Trapped Atomic*
390Ceres Ridley*
391Bomb Torizo*
392Spore Spawn*
396Botwoon 1*
397Botwoon 2*
398Reverse Botwoon 1*
399Reverse Botwoon 2*
401Golden Torizo*
403Mother Brain 1*
404Mother Brain 2*
405Mother Brain 3*
40658 Escape
407Acid Snakes Tunnel
408Acid Statue Room
409Alpha Power Bomb Room
412Aqueduct Save Room
414Baby Kraid Room
416Bat Cave
417Bat Room
418Below Botwoon Energy Tank
419Below Spazer
420Beta Power Bomb Room
421Big Boy Room
422Big Pink
423Big Pink Save Room
424Billy Mays Room
425Blue Brinstar Boulder Room
426Blue Brinstar Elevator Room
427Blue Brinstar Energy Tank Room
428Blue Hopper Room
429Bomb Torizo Room
430Botwoon Energy Tank Room
431Botwoon Hallway
432Botwoon Quicksand Room
433Botwoon's Room
434Bowling Alley
435Bowling Alley Path
436Boyon Gate Hall
437Brinstar Map Room
438Brinstar Pre Map Room
439Brinstar Reserve Tank Room
440Bubble Mountain
441Bubble Mountain Save Room
442Bug Sand Hole
443Business Center
444Butterfly Room
445Caterpillar Room
446Caterpillar Save Room
448Cathedral Entrance
449Ceres Elevator Room
450Ceres Ridley's Room
453Construction Zone
454Crab Hole
455Crab Maze
456Crab Shaft
457Crab Tunnel
458Crateria Kihunter Room
459Crateria Map Room
460Crateria Power Bomb Room
461Crateria Save Room
462Crateria Super Room
463Crateria Tube
464Crocomire Escape
465Crocomire Save Room
466Crocomire Speedway
467Crocomire's Room
468Crumble Shaft
469Dachora Energy Refill
470Dachora Room
471Dead Scientist Room
472Double Chamber
473Draygon Save Room
474Draygon's Room
475Dust Torizo Room
476Early Supers Room
477East Aqueduct Quicksand Room
478East Cactus Alley Room
479East Ocean
480East Pants Room
481East Sand Hall
482East Sand Hole
483Electric Death Room
484Etecoon Energy Tank Room
485Etecoon Save Room
486Etecoon Super Room
487Falling Tile Room
488Fast Pillars Setup Room
489Fast Ripper Room
490Final Missile Bombway
491First Missile Room
492Fish Tank
494Forgotten Highway Elbow
495Forgotten Highway Elevator
496Forgotten Highway Kago Room
497Forgotten Highway Save Room
498Frog Savestation
499Frog Speedway
500Gauntlet Energy Tank Room
501Gauntlet Entrance
502Glass Tunnel
503Glass Tunnel Save Room
504Golden Torizo Energy Recharge
505Golden Torizo's Room
506Grapple Beam Room
507Grapple Tutorial Room 1
508Grapple Tutorial Room 2
509Grapple Tutorial Room 3
510Gravity Suit Room
511Green Brinstar Beetom Room
512Green Brinstar Elevator Room
513Green Brinstar Fireflea Room
514Green Brinstar Main Shaft
515Green Brinstar Main Shaft Save Room
516Green Brinstar Missile Refill
517Green Bubbles Missile Room
518Green Hill Zone
519Green Pirates Shaft
520Halfie Climb Room
522Hi Jump Boots Room
523Hi Jump Energy Tank Room
524Homing Geemer Room
525Hopper Energy Tank Room
526Ice Beam Acid Room
527Ice Beam Gate Room
528Ice Beam Room
529Ice Beam Snake Room
530Ice Beam Tutorial Room
531Kraid Eye Door Room
532Kraid Recharge Station
533Kraid Room
534Kraid Save Room
535Kronic Boost Room
536Landing Site
537Lava Dive Room
538Lower Mushrooms
539Lower Norfair Elevator
540Lower Norfair Elevator Save Room
541Lower Norfair Escape Power Bomb Room
542Lower Norfair Farming Room
543Lower Norfair Fireflea Room
544Lower Norfair Spring Ball Maze Room
545Lower Tourian Save Room
546Magdollite Tunnel
547Magnet Stairs Room
548Main Hall
549Main Street
550Mama Turtle Room
551Maridia Elevator Room
552Maridia Health Refill Room
553Maridia Map Room
554Maridia Missile Refill Room
555Metal Pirates Room
556Metroid Room 1
557Metroid Room 2
558Metroid Room 3
559Metroid Room 4
560Mickey Mouse Room
561Morph Ball Room
562Mother Brain Room
563Mt Everest
564Noob Bridge Aka A Bridge Too Far
565Norfair Map Room
566Norfair Reserve Tank Room
567Northwest Maridia Bug Room
568Nutella Refill
570Pants Room
571Parlor And Alcatraz
572Phantoon's Room
573Pillar Room
574Pink Brinstar Hopper Room
575Pink Brinstar Power Bomb Room
576Pit Room
577Plasma Beach Quicksand Room
578Plasma Climb Aka Kassiuz Room
579Plasma Room
580Plasma Spark Room
581Plasma Tutorial Room
582Plowerhouse Room
583Post Crocomire Farming Room
584Post Crocomire Jump Room
585Post Crocomire Missile Room
586Post Crocomire Power Bomb Room
587Post Crocomire Save Room
588Post Crocomire Shaft
589Pre Map Flyway
590Pseudo Plasma Spark Room
591Purple Farming Room
592Purple Shaft
593Red Brinstar Elevator Room
594Red Brinstar Fireflea Room
595Red Fish Room
596Red Kihunter Shaft
597Red Kihunter Shaft Save Room
598Red Pirate Shaft
599Red Tower
600Ridley Tank Room
601Ridley's Room
602Rinka Shaft
603Rising Tide
604Screw Attack Room
605Seaweed Room
606Shaktool Room
607Single Chamber
608Sloaters Refill
609Space Jump Room
610Spazer Room
611Speed Booster Hall
612Speed Booster Room
613Spiky Acid Snakes Tunnel
614Spiky Death Room
615Spiky Platforms Tunnel
616Sponge Bath
617Spore Spawn Farming Room
618Spore Spawn Kihunter Room
619Spore Spawn Room
620Spore Spawn Super Room
621Spring Ball Room
622Statues Hallway
623Statues Room
624Terminator Room
625The Final Missile
626The Moat
627The Precious Room
628The Worst Room In The Game
629Thread The Needle Room
630Three Musketeers Room
631Toilet Bowl
632Tourian Escape Room 1
633Tourian Escape Room 2
634Tourian Escape Room 3
635Tourian Escape Room 4
636Tourian Eye Door Room
637Tourian First Room
638Tourian Recharge Room
639Upper Norfair Farming Room
640Upper Tourian Save Room
641Varia Suit Room
642Volcano Room
643Warehouse Energy Tank Room
644Warehouse Entrance
645Warehouse Kihunter Room
646Warehouse Zeela Room
648Watering Hole
649Waterway Energy Tank Room
650Wave Beam Room
651West Aqueduct Quicksand Room
652West Cactus Alley Room
653West Glass Tube Tunnel
654West Ocean
655West Sand Hall
656West Sand Hall Tunnel
657West Sand Hole
658Wrecked Ship East Missile Room
659Wrecked Ship East Super Room
660Wrecked Ship Energy Tank Room
661Wrecked Ship Entrance
662Wrecked Ship Main Shaft
663Wrecked Ship Map Room
664Wrecked Ship Save Room
665Wrecked Ship West Super Room
666X-Ray Scope Room
667Release #1*
668Release #2*
669Release #3*
670Release #4*
671Release #5*
672Release #6*
673Release #7*
674Release #8*
675Release #9*
676Release #10*
677Release #11*
678Release #12*
679Release #13*
680Release #14*
681Release #15*
682Release #16*
683Release #17*
684Release #18*
685Release #19*
686Release #20*
687Release #21*
688Release #22*
689Release #23*
690Release #24*
691Release #25*
692Release #26*
693Release #27*
694Release #28*
695Release #29*
696Release #30*
697Release #31*
698Release #32*
699Release #33*
700Release #34*
701Release #35*
702Release #36*
703Release #37*
704Release #38*
705Release #39*
706Release #40*
707Release #41*
708Release #42*
709Release #43*
710Release #44*
711Release #45*
712Release #46*
713Release #47*
714Release #48*
715Release #49*
716Release #50*
717Release #51*
718Release #52*
719Release #53*
720Release #54*
721Release #55*
722Release #56*
723Release #57*
724Release #58*
725Release #59*
726Release #60*
727Release #61*
728Release #62*
729Release #63*
730Release #64*
731Release #65*
732Release #66*
733Release #67*
734Release #68*
735Release #69*
736Release #70*
737Release #71*
738Release #72*
739Release #73*
740Release #74*
741Release #75*
742Release #76*
743Release #77*
744Release #78*
745Release #79*
746Release #80*
747Release #81*
748Release #82*
749Release #83*
750Release #84*
751Release #85*
752Release #86*
753Release #87*
754Release #88*
755Release #89*
756Release #90*
757Release #91*
758Release #92*
759Release #93*
760Release #94*
761Release #95*
762Release #96*
763Release #97*

Game File CRC - Quad-Game Crossover (crc, crc32, rom)

Follow the clues, gumshoe.

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