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1Don't Use ZSNES
2Game File CRC
3Permalink Finder*
4Game File Verifier*
6Holy Image Debug Menu*
7Game Dump
8Game Dump: Classic 2 Magic
9Game Dump: SuperNT*
10Game Dump: Retrode 2*
11The choices are Samus' and Samus' alone!*
12Super Metroid Info Page*
13Game Dump
14Game Dump: Classic 2 Magic
15Game Dump: SuperNT*
16Game Dump: Retrode 2*
17The choices are Link's and Link's alone!*
18Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce Info Page*
19Have you tried murdering the pig?
20Have you tried murdering the brain?
21Metroid3 spriting vs Zelda3 spriting
22100%; 316/316
23Multiworld Holy Trinity
24Keysanity Doors
25Keysanity Segments
26Don't Make Me Load the Practice Hack
27@Shaktool's Strats*
28Destroy @Shaktool
29@Shaktool pings random people
31Zero Viewers
33Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch*
34Holy Diver*
35The choices are yours and yours alone!
36Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce Info Page*
37Leaked 'Official' Source Code
38Downloadable Clients*
39Don't Use YY-CHR!
40Digital Millennium Copyright Act/DMCA
41The Rando Development Philosophy on Vanilla*
42ROM 'Code'
43Link Sprite Palette Block
44Link Sprite Mail/Bunny*
45Link Sprite Zap Palette
46Link Sprite Sheet
47Festive Randomizer
48Purple Squares*
49Boss Damage Table*
50Damage Table (full)*
51SD2SNES/FXPAK PRO In-game Hooks
52Archery Game Solution
53Maze Race Solution
54Bombs Acquisition
55Rupee Acquisition*
56Rupee Pull
57Fish Prize*
58Crab Prize*
59Toppo Prize*
60Back of Sewers
61Dark Room Navigation*
62Save & Quit for Travel
63Advanced Item Placement
64Hyrule Castle Garage Door
65Invisible Floor Navigation*
66Fake Flipper Fix Reversion
67Quadrant Glitch*
69Spoiler Log
70Haven't played in 20 years!
71Have you tried murdering the wizard?
72Death Mountain Traversal
73Paradox Cave
74Cave 45
75Pyramid to Dark World North
76Dark Graveyard to King's Tomb & Graveyard Ledge
77Dark Kakariko Portal
78Bumper Cave Traversal
79Palace of Darkness: Dark Maze
80Ice Palace: Stairs
81Ganon's Tower as Bunny
82Ganon's Tower: Pathways
83Ganon's Tower: Keys for Ascent
84Master Sword/Silverless Ganon*
85Forgotten Forest*
86Enemizer IS jank!
88Entity Maps
89Warp Tiles (Dollar Store version)
90Warp Tiles (Game Icons version)
91Thieves' Maiden, no Glove
92Item Screen/Y-Items
93Sidequest Summary*
94Turtle Rock Entrance Peg Randomization*
95Overworld Transition Randomization*
97Play Vanilla before Rando
98ALttP can't Walk & Breathe at the Same Time
99Big Key Chest != Big Chest
100Door Rando Map
101Door Rando Chibi Maps
102Dungeon Maps
103Enemy Prize Packs*
104Interactive EG Map*
105EG1 Map
106EG2 Map
107Bombable Walls*
108Bonkable Locations*
109Spawnable Locations*
110NPC Item Locations*
111Keylock Possibilities*
112Duck of Doom
114Remembering the time I accidentally Ice Palace
11527 Swords
116Emulator Layers*
118Link and the Links AU*
119MSU-1 Tracks*
120Bad Zelda Pun
121The choices are yours and yours alone!
122Samus Sprite Palette Block*
123Samus Sprite Sheet
124Samus Sprite: T-shirt Cannon Edition

Game File CRC - SMALttPR (crc, crc32, rom)

Follow the clues, gumshoe.

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