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GameID snes/zelda3
Source Battery Staple Games, Cityfires
Pack Author incoherent
OST/Soundtrack Purchase Yes; self-build
Testing Status Untested
Music from the game 20XX.
Expanded? Partial
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Track Listing

A Link to the Past
1 Title The Year Is
2 Light World Overworld Identity Crisis
3 Rain Permafrost
4 Bunny Permafrost
5 Light World Lost Woods Permission Denied
6 Opening Story Credits 20XX
7 Kakariko Village Get Ready!
8 Mirror The Year Is
9 Dark World Overworld Second Strike
10 Master Sword Pedestal The Year Is
11 File Select Get Ready!
12 Guard Summoned in Kakariko Village Null and Void
13 Dark Death Mountain Null and Void
14 Guessing Game Another Chance 1
15 Dark World Lost Woods Null and Void
16 Hyrule Castle Firestorm
17 Light World Dungeon Spark Engine
18 Cave 1 Permission Denied
19 Boss Kill Fanfare V for Victory
20 Sanctuary Get Ready!
21 Boss Fight Pseudocode
22 Dark World Dungeon Endless Echo
23 Fortune Teller V for Victory
24 Cave 2 Permission Denied
25 Zelda Rescued V for Victory
26 Crystal Get Reboot
27 Fairy Fountain Another Chance 2
28 Ganon's Theme Reboot
29 Ganon Appears Null and Void
30 Ganon in Pyramid Null and Void
31 Ganon Fight Omega Model
32 Triforce Room Reboot
33 Triumphant Return Reboot
34 Credits Reboot
37 Interior: Agahnim's Tower Firestorm
49 Fight: Agahnim's Tower Apex
58 Fight: Ganon's Tower Apex