Dungeon prize duping

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Using major glitches, you can sometimes collect the crystals (or pendants) of multiple dungeons in the same boss room.

When you enter a dungeon whose prize you haven't yet collected, and get to a room with a defeated boss, the game will give you the prize for the dungeon you entered -- even if you used glitches to move between dungeons and reach the boss room of a different dungeon.

In Hybrid Major Glitches, for example, you can perform the Mire to Hera clip to quickly collect the Misery Mire prize in Moldorm's room in Tower of Hera.

In No Logic, every dungeon prize can be collected at either the Moldorm room of Tower of Hera (NL) or the Arrghus room of Swamp Palace (NL), so crystal duping can remove the need to fight most bosses.

However, races usually use an additional rule, the "Crystal Bosses" rule, to greatly reduce the advantage of crystal duping.

Crystal Bosses

Crystal Bosses is a goal used in racing when major glitches are involved. In addition to collecting the necessary crystals and defeating Ganon, you're also required to have defeated the bosses those crystals belonged to.

This doesn't mean "you can't dupe crystals", though. You can collect the crystal and defeat the boss at different times. For example, in No Logic with the Crystal Bosses goal, you can do this:

This gets around the need for the Misery Mire big key and the Cane of Somaria.

Duping pendants

Remember, there's no rule about "pendant bosses"! If you intend to pull the pedestal, you can collect the pendants however you want, including by duping them. You don't necessarily have to fight the bosses they correspond to.