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Trinity is a goal format that gives the player the option of three ways to finish a seed:

For a better balancing, the following settings are currently (v1.0) used:

  • the internal goal is set to Fast Ganon
  • the number of needed Crystals is set to random
  • 10 Triforce Pieces are added to the item pool, from which 8 are needed to finish
  • no need to check the Pedestal, since it always contains the Triforce
  • you will have to pickup the Dungeon's map to know its prize (Crystal or Pendant) or
    • ask Sahasrahla for the Green Pendant location
    • talk to the Red Bomb Shop owner to get the location of Crystal 5 and 6

Since Trinity is not (yet?) implemented in the default Randomizer, you will have to use one of the following ways to roll your own seed:

  • there are two options via SahasrahBot:
    • use the command /alttpr preset preset:trinity for the default version
    • use /alttpr preset preset:trinity/preset for other variations
  • Aerinon added Trinity to the AlttprDoorRandomizer
  • codemann8 included Trinity inside his ALttP Overworld Shuffle
    • karafruit has added this randomizer in her web version
      • remember to select "Trinity" in the Preset or Goal list
    • a similar version is availabe from thkg00fy, offering a "Mystery Trinity Daily Challenge"

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