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1Don't Use ZSNES
2Game File CRC
3Permalink Finder*
4Game File Verifier*
6Holy Image Debug Menu*
7Game Dump
8Game Dump: Classic 2 Magic
9Game Dump: SuperNT*
10Game Dump: Retrode 2*
11The choices are yours and yours alone!
12Super Metroid Info Page*
13Have you tried murdering the brain?
14Samus Sprite Palette Block*
15Samus Sprite Sheet
16Samus Sprite: T-shirt Cannon Edition
17Keysanity Doors
18Don't Make Me Load the Practice Hack
19Destroy @Shaktool
20@Shaktool pings random people
22Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch*
23Holy Diver*

Destroy @Shaktool - Super Metroid Item Randomizer (destroyshaktool, destroyshaktool, killshakky, killshaktool, nukeshakky, nukeshaktool)

Curious of who all is going to destroy me.