Weeklies/ALttPR/No Logic/2020/10

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Date Seed Name Seed Data
22-Oct-2020 20201022 No Logic Weekly #25 - It's a Mystery! Weeklies/ALttPR/No Logic/2020/10/20201022
15-Oct-2020 20201015 No Logic Weekly #24 - Vanilla Rupees Weeklies/ALttPR/No Logic/2020/10/20201015
09-Oct-2020 20201009 No Logic Weekly #23 - Generated by SahaBot with Quick Swap Weeklies/ALttPR/No Logic/2020/10/20201009
01-Oct-2020 20201001 No Logic Weekly #22 - Not an Ice Rod Hunt! With Rupee Back Gurantee*!