Spawnable Chests

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Eastern Palace

Desert Palace

Desert Palace - Map Chest
Desert Palace - Map Chest.png

Tower of Hera

Tower of Hera - Big Key Chest
Tower of Hera - Big Key Chest.png

Palace of Darkness

Palace of Darkness - Stalfos Basement
Palace of Darkness - Stalfos Basement.png

Swamp Palace

Swamp Palace - Compass Chest Swamp Palace - Waterfall Chest
Swamp Palace - Compass Chest.png Swamp Palace - Waterfall Chest.png

Skull Woods

Thieves' Town

Ice Palace

Ice Palace - Compass Chest Ice Palace - Freezor Chest Ice Palace - Spike Chest Ice Palace - Iced T Room
Ice Palace - Compass Chest.png
Ice Palace - Freezor Chest.png
Ice Palace - Spike Chest.png
Ice Palace - Iced T Room.png

Misery Mire

Misery Mire - Main Lobby Chest Misery Mire - Spike Chest
Misery Mire - Main Lobby Chest.png
Misery Mire - Spike Chest.png

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock - Chain Chomps Chest
Turtle Rock - Chain Chomps Chest.png

Ganon's Tower

Ganon's Tower - Tile Room Chest
Ganon's Tower - Tile Room Chest.png