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Overworld Glitches Resources

Creator Name Type Link
baliame#9514R/C/SC/SM Everything in Logic in v29/v30 Video YouTube VoD - OWG in Logic v29/v30
baliame#9514R/C/SC/SM OWG Sequence Breaks Video YouTube VoD - OWG Sequence Breaks v29/v30
superskuj#1867R/C/SC/SM Overworld Out of Bounds Tutorial Video YouTube VoD - Overworld Out of Bounds
superskuj#1867R/C/SC/SM DMA, DMD, Hera Clip and GT Clip Video YouTube VoD - DMA / DMD / Hera / GT Clips
superskuj#1867R/C/SC/SM Basic OW Wall Clips Tutorial Video YouTube VoD - Overworld Wall Clips
Michael Kunze#8796R/C/SC/SM All known Overworld Item Dupes OneDrive Folder OneDrive - Overworld Item Dupes
Fouton#4508R/C/SC/SM Text and Image Based Explanation Google Doc Google Doc - Text / Image Explanations
baliame#9514R/C/SC/SM Basic Text and Image based Explanation Website - Overworld Glitches
malmo#5674R/C/SC/SM Annotated OWG Map Google Doc Google Doc - Annotated OWG Map

Major Glitches Resources

Creator Name Type Link
superskuj#1867R/C/SC/SM 1-Frame Clip Tutorial Video YouTube VoD - 1-Frame Clips
BluntBunny#5144R/C/SC/SM Hera Bomb Clip Video YouTube VoD - Hera Bomb Clip
josh#0729R/C/SC/SM Kiki Skip and Ice Palace Bomb Clips Video Twitch VoD - Kiki Skip & Ice Palace
josh#0729R/C/SC/SM Ice Palace Bomb Clip Video YouTube VoD - Ice Palace Bomb Clip
josh#0729R/C/SC/SM Fast Mire to Hera Clip Video YouTube VoD - Fast Mire to Hera
stephen#5476R/C/SC/SM Mire to Hera Clip Video Twitch VoD - Mire to Hera

No Logic Resources

Creator Name Type Link
Tojso#4092R/C/SC/SM Door Glitch Tutorial Video Twitch VoD - Door Glitch Tutorial
baliame#9514R/C/SC/SM Crystal Duping Methods Google Sheet Google Sheet - Crystal Duping
jaysee87#6829R/C/SC/SM ALttP Transition Corruption
& Wrong Warp Sheet
Google Sheet Google Sheet - TC & WW Sheet
prdwong#4751R/C/SC/SM Multiworld BK Mode Major Glitches Guide Google Sheet Google Sheet - Multiworld BK Mode
Fouton#4508R/C/SC/SM Hookpush Compilation Google Sheet Google Sheet - Hookpush