Festive/2020/Winter/Day 26

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Remembering the end of his dream, Ganon again felt a piercing pain in his forehead as if the sword was actually stuck there.

The memories of his past lives drove him on and on during the days of the dark season.

He had to find a solution.

Too often the chance had been taken from him.

He and his people should finally be a part of Hyrule again.

Impatiently, he waited for the return of Ghirahim who would bring Koume and Kotake with him.

They would be able to tell him what his present life would be like.

Hint in Pyramid

Koume and Kotake paused their explanations and looked at Ganon in confusion.

"I don't need the rest of your babbling."

Ganon knew what the prophecy said.

He didn't need others to tell him it predicted his demise at the hands of Link.

Indignantly, he paced back and forth in front of the two.

"We could poison their waters."

Ghirahim entered the discussion uninvited.

300 or 400 years ago, Ganon would have jumped on that idea.

"Or we could turn their allies against them."

Ganon merely shook his head.

They had already tried that.

They had pulled out all the stops for war.

They had to find another solution.

"Well, it wouldn't be fra-whaaa with my looks."

Ganon thrust his trident at Ghirahim, pinning him against the wall between its prongs.

Ganon was annoyed, but that did give an idea.