Festive/2020/Winter/Day 17

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"Master, I pray that I'm not disturbing you,"

When Ghirahim started like this, there was always a


"Have you decided how you would like to appear at the ball?"

"We walk."

Dragmire's stern voice set the mood.

"Sir, what I mean is, how you will be dressed?"

"What business is that of yours?"

"Well, just look at yourself in the mirror.

Don't you think it should be a more noble garment for the occasion?"

After a brief hesitation, he had to agree.

The problem was, he had no idea of the current fashion in Hyrule.

But Ghirahim interrupted him in his train of thought.

"Worry not, master. I will clothe your human body perfectly."

As soon as he finished his sentence, Ghirahim disappeared into the halls.

King Dragmire looked at the mirror once more, muttering to himself.

"I can only hope that this has a happy ending."