Festive/2020/Winter/Day 10

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"King Dragmire,Sir. A letter for you from the Light World."

The king looked up from his desk.

Ghirahim stood before him in his usual good humor.

The sealed letter caught his attention, and the familiar seal of the royal family of Hyrule piqued his excitement.

Dragmire snatched the letter and opened it, nearly ripping it in enthusiasm.


He said, glancing over the contents of the letter with a widening smile.

"Ghirahim, prepare the gift we discussed. This will not be our last gala."

There was an evil glint in Ghirahim's eyes.

"Sir, may I suggest again that we poison the gift?"

Dragmire stood up, grabbed Ghirahim by the neck, and lifted him into the air, all in a single swift movement.

"Were you asked for your opinion?"

"No. Sir."

Ghirahim choked in response,

"It won't happen again. A pearl then. As you wish."

Dragmire sat alone at his desk; he still felt giddy about the ball.

Maybe there really is another way.