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After some more months of various Trinity seeds, this is what we decided on as a final version.

"bossNormalLocation" will go back to "true", because it's closer to the Vanilla experience. Only "Ambrosia" and "Invrosia" presets do have this set to "false".

"fastGanon" was approved to get him back into the results. "mapsOnPickup" will stay active, which keeps the player away from a too frequent Ganon fight outcome.

World State TFP Goal TFP Placed Fast Ganon? Tower Entry Ganon Vulnerability Accessibility
Open 8 10 Yes Random Random 100% Items

Additional settings:

  • bossNormalLocation set to true: Bosses can drop Maps, Compasses or Keys.
  • mapsOnPickup set to true: To find out their prizes, you will need to find the Dungeon's Maps, ask Sahasrahla or the Bomb Shop owner.

These settings should be identical to the ones in the "Doors" and "Overworld" randomizer branch.