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Key-sanity is a variation where Z3 dungeon items are divorced from their home dungeons and can be found anywhere in Hyrule or on Zebes, as long as it doesn't block progression.

Zebes has gained keydoors in various places around the planet to stunt progress. There are 1-2 numbered keydoors that require numbered keycards and 1-2 boss keydoors that require the B keycard to open.

Z3 Item Screen

The Z3 Item Screen has received some tweaks including instant speed and a table for the keys acquired for each dungeon.

Dungeon Name Dungeon Code
Light World
Hyrule Castle Escape H1/H2/HC
Eastern Palace P1/L1
Desert Palace P2/L2
Tower of Hera P3/L3
Hyrule Castle Tower A1/AT
Dark World
Palace of Darkness D1
Swamp Palace D2
Skull Woods D3
Thieves' Town D4
Ice Palace D5
Misery Mire D6
Turtle Rock D7
Ganon's Tower A2/GT

M3 Keydoors




Wrecked Ship


Lower Norfair