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No Logic Weekly #10 - Totally Normal
VT Version
Starting Inventory Pegasus Boots
Logic No Logic Item Placement Advanced
Dungeon Items Keysanity Accessibility 100% Inventory
Goal Defeat Ganon
GT Crystals 7 Ganon Crystals 7
World State Open Hints Off
Entrance Shuffle None Dungeon Shuffle None
Boss Shuffle None Enemy Shuffle None
Weapons Randomized
Item Pool Item Functionality
Enemy Damage Default Enemy Health Default
Difficulty Variation
Notes Low-value items in pool replaced with low-value positive Rupoors
Seed ID 4AvpPx5Bvn
Permalink No Logic Weekly #10 - Totally Normal (wiki, patch, hash)
Observed Difficulty
Observed Rating
Recommended by [[User:|]]R/C/SC/SM
Created by Michael Kunze#8796R/C/SC/SM

Finishing Times & Spoiler Log (wiki, patch, hash)