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The Swamp Palace is an end place form many route using No Logic glitches. You may end up collecting many of your crystals in its boss supertile.

Getting there

You can reach Swamp if you have acces to the third floor of Tower of Hera (NL) with bombs or YBA from Thieves' Town (NL). Depending on your entrace you may need a key to continue in the dungeon, this is why entering in cave state from Hera could be interesting.

You can kill Arrghus without hookshot using any way to get there from Desert Palace (NL), the camara will be unlock and you can get Arrghus out of the screen when attacking.

Duping to

You can dupe the prize of Swamp, given that you already have killed Arrghus, to:

Getting around


If you have the hookshot and somaria you can skip the flippers doing a hookpush in the first screen and in the second floodgate, shown in [1] and [2].

If you have the flippers, you can enter (in order to use Swamp keys or getting the prize) without mirror or pearl from Tower of Hera and re-enter:

Fake Clippers in the entrance

It is possible to continue without flippers using fake clippers. It is really hard getting into position and doing correctly the inputs, but there is a select buffer method, the following video was made by Joshua#2001

Select buffering fake clippers: 10 cycles of < , <v, <v

Main Hub

You can skip flippers and/or hammer to get to the main hub using a west YBA from the second room or an east YBA coming from the left side.

Position for East YBA Skipping flippers from Left Side Swamp
SPlssYBA.png Splssyba.gif

Remember to back up (more than 2px) before the transition for a west YBA and that this YBA removes the sprites (therefore Arrghus)

West YBA from the second room


The usual way to get to Arrghus directly is to Death Hole from Desert Palace, this could also skip the need for Hookshot to kill Arrghus (using the unlocked camera). You can also YBA from the next room after the main hub, but this causes VRAM and crashes in the Super NT, shown in [3]

Where you can go

  • Tower of Hera (NL): You can get to Tower of Hera using a YBA from the first flood gate or using a north somaria transition corruption in the main hub and exiting East (there appear holes that you have to avoid). You may need a diagonal upleft to clip the rail.
YBA from SP to Hera STC from SP to Hera With visible holes
SPybaHera.gif SPmainSTC.gif SPmainSTC-h.gif

Getting the crystal

As mentioned before, you can kill Arrghus from Desert Palace (NL) with a Death Hole or walking as intended from Tower of Hera. You can also get the prize from Skull Woods (NL) Mothula super tile. If you really want to avoid Swamp Palace, this is a usual dungeon to use the Sewer door deletion and from Agahnim's room get to the sewers, change the ID and get the prize from Tower of Hera's Moldorm.