Super Bunny Beam

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Super Bunny Beam is a glitch where if you are in Super Bunny state while you become bunny beamed, once the bunny beam effect wears off you will "poof" into Link.


Become bunny beamed while in Super Bunny and wait for the bunny beam timer to wear off.


This glitch can be used as an alternative to Dungeon Bunny Revival. You may wish to do this because you have a lot of hearts or high mail upgrades, or you may wish to retain a fairy.

Thieves Town is the most practical use for the glitch as there is a pot at the top left of the first room with a bunny beam under it. In a race setting it may be much more expedient to Super Bunny into the dungeon and pick up the pot to become Link before hopping down to check the first chest than the time it would take to kill Link to perform a Dungeon Bunny Revival.