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  • There are 296 ({{MemoryValue|128}}) rooms in in the ROM. Each room's data occupies one word, or two bytes. |rowspan="3"|[[Skull Woods]]
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  • ...e as a separate dungeon ID ({{hex$|FF}}). You can end up inside of dungeon rooms while remaining in cave state by using [[major glitch]]es. ...ou encounter [[Lanmolas 2]] or [[Moldorm 2]] in their {{nl|Ganon's Tower}} rooms, they will drop a full [[Heart Container]]. Picking up this [[Heart Contain
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  • As YBA or STC, hookpush is a glicht that can be performed in different rooms with different effect. A difference could be that hookpush will always have * {{nl|Skull woods}} Mothula with no fire rod and cave state (to do)
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