Somaria Transition Corruption

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Somaria Transition Corruption (STC) is a way to cause glitches by pushing a Somaria block through a door.

This technique is sometimes called "Somaria Door". It's different from a Door Juke with a Cane of Somaria, but sometimes performed at the same time.

Depending on the circumstances, effects can include:

  • Opening or closing chests or doors, based on their state in an adjacent tile
  • Bringing the contents of chests into the wrong room
  • Changing the destinations of doors
  • Sewer door deletion
  • Glitched graphics (VRAM corruption) that may persist until a hard reset
  • Crashing the game

The vanilla wiki has details about how to set up Somaria Door, but the explanation of its effects is difficult to follow. It's best to use STC as part of a known glitch.

Two examples of STC (one north, one east) appear in the Desert Palace (NL) guide.