Silverless Ganon

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Silverless Ganon

Silverless Ganon is a glitch that allows the player to deal damage to Ganon during Phase 4 when not having the Silver Arrows.


When all the torches are lit, charge a sword-spin and wait for Ganon to shoot a Firebat at the player. Dodge the attack and then just before Ganon's warps away get in close to release the spin and the boss will take damage. If the spin is released too early you may cause a Blue Ganon dealing no damage.

This can be most easily done combined with Torch Glitch so that there is only one torch to have to re-light. Using the Fire Rod, a maximum of three hits can be done to Ganon per torch lighting.

Using Tempered Sword or the Gold Sword it will take 12 hits to defeat Ganon while with the Master Sword it will take 24 hits.


Silverless Ganon (with Torch Glitch)

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