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! [[File:SancAndQuit.gif]]  
! [[File:SancAndQuit.gif]]  
==External Guides and Tutorials==
*[ FMP's Bite-sized Explications  (Sanc and Quit)]

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Sanc and Quit

Sanc and Quit is a glitch that forces the player to automatically respawn at the Sanctuary after a Save and Quit


Be electrocuted by attacking a Buzz Blob or an electrified Bari and then Saves and Quits during the mosaic effect of the shock. The player will instantly respawn at the Sanctuary without having to select the location.


Usefulness of this glitch is fairly limited but might save some time in some extremely low chance situations in Enemizer where you might need to quickly respawn specially at the Sanctuary.

This glitch does not spawn you at Sancutary if you are in the Dark World and the Pyramid is your default spawn point.


Sanc and Quit using a Buzzblob

External Guides and Tutorials