Rail Clipping

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Rail Clipping
Classification Minor Glitch
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Rail Clipping is an exploit that allows the player to pass through rails and other similarly thin obstacles. These obstacles can sometimes have have strange collision properties that can let the player clip into them and this page is a collection of some useful examples.


Passing though Rails can be done by entering the half-tile rail in the exact center of its larger full-tile. Entering this space typically can be done in several different ways:

  • Being boosted by a bomb
  • Using Boots to bonk off a wall
  • Grabbing onto an object with the Hookshot
  • Releasing a spin while gaining speed on ice.
  • Hovering into the center

Uses and Examples

Item Uses Examples
Hammerjump A Bomb Jump is used to clip through the rail to avoid using a small key to access the Big Chest and Dark Maze Railclip-hammerjump.gif
Digging Game Shortcut Use the Hookshot to grab onto the dark rock and clip though the rail to exit the Digging Game area quickly from the back shortcut Railclip-digging.gif
Escape from Hammerpegs Clear the bushes and move to the bottom left corner. Facing left, hold a sword out and move one frame to the right. Buffer down left and use the hookshot Bootless Smith Rail Clip.gif
Turtle Rock Big Chest Use either a bonk or a bomb jump to get through the rail to access the rest of the dungeon without the Hookshot or Cane of Somaria. Useful in Entrance Randomizer. Railclip-TR bomb.gif Railclip-TR bonk.gif
Ice Palace Lonely Firebar Stairclip Charge a spin and gain enough momentum to enter the stairs at an angle to clip though and transition downstairs. Railclip-IPfirebar.gif
Backwards Moldorm2 Use a bomb jump to get back up the ledge after jumping into the Moldorm 2 fight. Useful in No Logic or door randomizer. Railclip-moldorm2.gif

External Guides and Tutorials

(need links to hammerjump tutorial and IPBJ tutorial)