Prize On The Eyes

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Prize On The Eyes
Classification Minor Glitch
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Prize On The Eyes is a glitch that lets the player store an uncollected stun-prize item and then have it drop during the Vitreous fight instead.


Stun and then kill the falling yellow Zols (Slimes) on the floor before the Vitreous and then leave the stun prize item on the floor before heading upstairs. This will force at least one of the small eye balls to drop the stun prize item during the boss fight. The more stun-prize items left on the floor will correspond to more drops during the fight.


This glitch can be useful to make the Vitreous boss fight easier depending on the stun prize that is available for the seed. Arrows, Bombs, Hearts, and Faeries can all be useful to store if the player is doing the fight with low equipment. Additionally, the game will attempt to put a fairy into a bottle when Vitreous attempts to attack with the small eye the fairy spawned from. This is sort of a "fake bug net" that can be used to put a fairy into a bottle even without actually having the item.


Prize on the Eyes - Green Rupee Prize on the Eyes - Arrows Prize on the Eyes - Fairy with "Fake Bug Net"
Prize on the Eyes.gif Prize on the Eyes - Arrows Drop.gif Prize on Eyes - Fake Bug Net.gif