Medallion Cancel

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Medallion Cancel
Classification Minor Glitch
Racing Category [[{{{racing-category}}}]]

Medallion Cancelling is a glitch that lets the player quickly drain their magic meter without actually casting the spell.


This glitch can be performed in several different ways:

  • Pressing Y while moving along or into a hole
  • Pressing Y exactly one frame after releasing a sword-spin
  • Pressing Y on the same frame you jump off a ledge
  • Pressing Y on the same frame you jump into deep water


This glitch is mainly useful for quickly draining your magic to prepare for another glitch (Fake Powder, Potion Camera Unlock)


Walking Near a Pit Quickhop, Sword Spin, and Falling Jumping into Deep Water
MedallionCancel(pitwalk).gif MedallionCancel(QH,spin,fall).gif MedallionCancel-DeepWater.gif