Medallion Barrier Skip

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Medallion Barrier Skip
Classification Minor Glitch
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Medallion Barrier Skip is a glitch that can give the player access to Agahnim's Tower without having a Magical Sword, Magic Cape, or Hammer (swordless). It is a combination of two effects: getting one frame of movement forward as you are being damaged before you're knocked back, and the Somaria block cancelling knockback.


To perform this glitch, the player must have the ability to cast Ether or Bombos at least 11 times. This requires either quarter magic or multiple bottles, since using a bottle to refill magic is only possible after a fairy revival. Since this requires at least 11 consecutive frame perfect inputs, this is almost impossible for humans to perform. A variant that uses simultaneous v^ directional inputs can move more quickly through the barrier and require fewer medallion casts as a result, but this falls under general rules against simultaneous v^ input.


This glitch can be useful in "MCS Shuffle" or "Keysanity" to access the two chests inside Agahnim Tower.

This glitch can also be used in Entrance Randomizer to sequence break inside of an entrance that might otherwise be inaccessible.

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