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Item Dashing

Item dashing is a JP1.0 glitch that allows Link to use an item and dash at the same time.

To perform it press Y and A on the same frame

The following item dashes have known useful applications:

Item Uses Examples
Boomerang Can be used to activate certain crystal switches Itemdash-boom.gif
Cane of Byrna Using magic more efficiently Itemdash-byrna.gif
Magic Cape Using magic more efficiently and bypassing cooldown Itemdash-cape.gif
Fire Rod Doing torch rooms quickly Itemdash-firerod.gif
Flute Bypasses cooldown use (trying to edit GIF)
Hammer Can be used to hammer down rows of pegs quickly Itemdash-hammer1.gif
Hookshot Can be used to arm Superspeed. Arming super speed will also allow quicker pot lifts after pushing the statue in Swamp Palace Itemdash-hookshot1.gif Itemdash-hookshot2.gif
Medallion Can be used to activate Superspeed. Arming super speed also automatically quickhops Itemdash-medallion.gif
Bug Net Can be used to activate certain crystal switches Itemdash-net1.gif Itemdash-net2.gif
Magic Powder Quickly powdering rows of bushes for faeries Itemdash-powder.gif
Cane of Somaria Can be used to punt the Somaria block activate certain crystal switches Itemdash-somaria.gif