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Item Dashing

Item dashing is a JP1.0 glitch that allows Link to use an item and dash at the same time.

To perform it press Y and A on the same frame

The following item dashes have known useful applications:

  • Boomerang - Hitting some crystal switches
  • Hookshot - Arming the [Super Speed]
  • Powder - Quickly powdering bushes for a faeries
  • Fire Rod - Doing torch rooms quickly
  • Medallions - Arming the [Super Speed]
  • Hammer - Clearing hammer peg rows quickly
  • Flute - Bypassing cooldown
  • Bug Net - Increased hitbox to collect faeries or reflect Agahnmim's attacks
  • Cane of Somaria - Block punting
  • Cane of Byrna - Using magic more efficently
  • Magic Cape - Bypassing equip cooldown

(Placeholder Summary)