Hyrule Castle Tower

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Hyrule Castle Tower^
Nicknames "Aga1, Aga Tower"
Dungeon ID AT
World Light World
Subzone [[{{{subzone}}}]]
Boss Agahnim
Bosses Agahnim
Big Key No.png Dungeon Map No.png Compass No.png
Item Locations 2
Non-Dungeon Items 0
Total Keys 4
Chest Keys 2
Mob Keys 2
Pot Keys 0

The Hyrule Castle Tower is a later dungeon located in Hyrule Castle. The boss is the first battle against Agahnim.

To break the barrier you either need the Magic Cape or a magical sword. If you're playing Swordless, the magical sword can be replaced with the hammer. A Lamp is required to complete it.


Room List

Room Supertile Doors
Tower Lobby 224 Tower Lobby NW
Agahnims Tower Exit
Tower Gold Knights Tower Gold Knights SW
Tower Gold Knights EN
Tower Room 03 Tower Room 03 WN
Tower Room 03 Up Stairs
Tower Lone Statue 208 Tower Lone Statue Down Stairs
Tower Lone Statue WN
Tower Dark Maze Tower Dark Maze EN
Tower Dark Maze ES
Tower Dark Chargers Tower Dark Chargers WS
Tower Dark Chargers Up Stairs
Tower Dual Statues 192 Tower Dual Statues Down Stairs
Tower Dual Statues WS
Tower Dark Pits Tower Dark Pits ES
Tower Dark Pits EN
Tower Dark Archers Tower Dark Archers WN
Tower Dark Archers Up Stairs
Tower Red Spears 176 Tower Red Spears Down Stairs
Tower Red Spears WN
Tower Red Guards Tower Red Guards EN
Tower Red Guards SW
Tower Circle of Pots Tower Circle of Pots NW
Tower Circle of Pots ES
Tower Pacifist Run Tower Pacifist Run WS
Tower Pacifist Run Up Stairs
Tower Push Statue 64 Tower Push Statue Down Stairs
Tower Push Statue WS
Tower Catwalk Tower Catwalk ES
Tower Catwalk North Stairs
Tower Antechamber 48 Tower Antechamber South Stairs
Tower Antechamber NW
Tower Altar Tower Altar SW
Tower Altar NW
Tower Agahnim 1 32 Tower Agahnim 1 SW