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Classification Minor Glitch
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Herapot is a special version type of a Rail Clip that allows the player to access the secret Fairy Room in the Tower of Hera by using a Bomb Boost and the Hookshot to pass though the half-tile side of the pot on the first floor and falling though the hole. This allows the player to access top of Hera without needing the Big Key.


Entering the Herapot is done in two steps:

  1. Clip one pixel into the left side of the pot by utilizing a Bomb Boost or superspeed.
  2. Use the Hookshot to grapple the inside of the pot then fall into the hole.

Step One: Clipping into the Herapot

The general setup for the clip into the pot places a bomb at a specific location and adjusts the player to another specific location to get the correct damage boost trajectory into the pot and then needs to have Link face right to use the Hookshot in the next step. While the player positioning needs to be precise to get the correct bomb boost there are actually many valid pairs of coordinates for bomb-placement and Link-position to clip into the pot. These coordinate pairs can be different however depending on which direction Link is facing.

Boots Setup

If the player has Boots they can use a Dash-Turn to change Link's direction after the damage boost. This allows the player to place a bomb facing left and then only have to adjust Link's y-position while still facing the same direction before the bomb goes off (typically by Sword Charging).

These are some examples of valid coordinate pairs using Boots setup.

Bomb Position Damage Position
E8F , E61 E8F , E5A
E8F , E62 E8F , E5B
E8F , E60 E8F , E59

Note: coordinates are in hexadecimal and taken with assistance of the Practice Hack. For use during actual runs a visual cue should be determined for positioning.

Bootsless Setup

Bootsless setups are very similar to that of Boots setups except that Link must be facing right before the damage boost. This makes positioning slightly more complicated after the bomb is placed since both Link's X and Y coordinates have to be adjusted during the bomb's fuse timer. However it is recommended learning a Bootsless setup first due to the fact it will always be an option.

These are some examples of valid coordinate pairs using Bootsless setup.

Bomb Position Damage Position
E8F , E61 E8D , E5A
E8F , E62 E8D , E5B
E8F , E60 E8D , E59
E88 , E60 E89 , E59
E83 , E70 E86 , E60

Important Note about Bomb Setups: There is an situation where the game can cause strange behavior with how bombs can knock-back the player. If an enemy in Sprite Slot 0 dies and leaves an item behind, and Link collects this item while it is still floating in the air, then it can set an altitude value that will affect the bomb knock back. The Mini-Moldorm enemy in the Hera Lobby is such an enemy in Sprite Slot 0 and caution should be taken to not pick up any item it drops.

To fix a broken bomb trajectory simply exit and re-enter the dungeon or use the stairs to change to a new supertile.

Spinspeed Setup

This method utilizes the ability to slightly clip into the pot using superspeed gained from the Map Chest pedestal instead of a Bomb Boost. This is done activating superspeed and then lining up with the upper wall with the downstairs door. From here there are several methods to get into the pot. One example is to tap right to get to an X-coordinate of E7C then then hold v> diagonal for about 8 frames to get into position. This method can be difficult to pull off since it is very easy to overshoot the position into the pot from the fast movement speed.

Step Two: Hookshot Into the Pot

Once the player has the proper position from Step One, use the Hookshot to grapple onto the inside of the pot. Once inside press < once then then hold ^ to fall into the hole. If any other directions are held while trying to fall in the hole there is a significant risk of setting stuck inside the pot and causing a softlock requiring the player to Save & Quit (using the Mirror will not work)


There are other pots in the game that can be entered though similar methods in Eastern Palace and Ice Palace to access those Fairy rooms but generally the one in Tower of Hera is the most useful.

However there is one important exception: If a pot in the Tower Lobby is entered it will lead directly to the Ganon fight. This pot is refered to as Ganonpot and its use is NOT ALLOWED in Competitive mode races.


Bootsless Method (Dracarys) Bootsless Method (Double Bomb)
Herapot-bootsless-dracarys.gif Herapot-bootsless2bomb.gif
Boots Method Superspeed Method
Herapot-boots .gif Herapot-superspeed.gif

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