Fire Rod double

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Fire Rod Double

Fire Rod double is a technique where the Fire Rod damage value can be copied to another projectile such as sword beams or arrows


  • Sword Beam Method: Shoot the fire rod at a target and then quickly shoot sword beams during the hit animation caused by the fire rod.
  • Arrows Method: Pull out the Bow and then position Link approximately 4-5 tiles away from the target. Press Y to shoot an arrow and then immediately menu to Fire Rod during the drawback animation. After the menu closes again press Y quickly shoot the fire rod so that the fire shot hits first followed by the arrow after a short delay. This method has very tight timing and if the fire rod show and arrow hit the target at the same time no extra damage will be done.


This glitch can mostly help with the Kholdstare fight. If the player does not have enough magic to melt the ice shell then this can prevent having to use a potion or having to exit the dungeon. Additionally if the player has weak weapons to fight with then saving some magic can help use Fire Rod against the puffs for extra damage.


Example Using Sword Beams Example Using Arrows
Fireroddouble-beams.gif Fireroddouble-bow.gif