Extended Auto Stairs

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Extended Auto Stairs
Classification Minor Glitch
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Extended Auto Stairs (AKA Stairlaunch, POG Clip, Lucille) is a glitch that extends the distance Link travels when climbing automatic stairs and can allow the player to pass through some obstacles.


While there are several methods to extend the distance Link climbs automatic stairs, only one method gives enough distance for a useful application that requires Boots and Cane of Somaria:

1) Place a Somaria Block on the ground anywhere NOT in the path of the automatic stairs.

2) Walk LEFT/RIGHT along a the edge of a pit and then dash turn towards the stairs to dash up them.

If successful Link will be "launched" a significant distance past the top of the stairs.


The main use of this glitch is in the Palace of Darkness Arena to avoid hitting the Crystal Switch to reach the back area of the dungeon.

Other known applications of this glitch result in the player going out-of-bounds (King's Tomb, Castle Tower).


Extended Auto Stairs - PoD Arena
Extended Auto Stairs - PoD (POG Clip).gif

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