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Desert Palace is often visited early in a No Logic run, because it's conveniently located a short distance south of Kakariko Village -- just an overworld glitch away.

Getting there

You will often reach Desert by using an overworld glitch to reach its upper ledge.

A clip from below the race game gets you quickly to Desert. It's described as an "irregular teleport" because you set it up like a downward teleport, but not on the usual pixel. Instead of teleporting, you hop diagonally up-left onto the ledge, then transition down to Desert.

Clip to this pixel and hold down+left to hop onto the ledge.

If you have the gloves, you can get to Checkerboard Cave on the way, by using one of the teleports to Checkerboard Cave. After that, you can down-teleport on the small slope directly south of the cave entrance to get onto the upper ledge, and run along the ledge to the right side of the desert back entrance.

In an Inverted seed, you could reach Desert by clipping south through a diagonal wall on the second floor of Thieves' Town (NL), effectively performing the reverse of one of the door glitches described below that gets you to TT from Desert.

Getting around

Entering the back of desert

Normally, you need gloves to lift the rocks surrounding the back entrance of Desert. In glitched modes, you can enter the back without gloves, by using boots to full-clip through the slope south of it. Note that without gloves, you'll be stuck in there and need to save and quit.

YBA to Lanmolas

In the back of Desert, you can reach the boss using a spin subtile YBA if you have bombs, a bottle, and a sword. This will give you VRAM corruption unless you take some precautionary steps:

  • First go to the supertile that contains the second tile room and the moveable wall
  • Return to the Popo Genocide Room and use a green potion for the spin YBA

You can collect an extra small key in the process of setting this up, because the tile room contains a small key and you don't need to open its door.

Quadrant glitch to the east side

You can collect the two items on the east side of Desert Palace without spending a small key, using a quadrant glitch to skip the locked door.

Where you can go

The north hallway of the main part of Desert is near the 2F hallway of Thieves' Town (NL), so you can reach Thieves' Town using various door glitches. A north subtile YBA in the left door to the map room is the most straightforward, but if you have a potion, you will have a better way to get to Thieves' Town in cave state.

It's also possible to reach the back of Swamp Palace (NL), which you would not normally reach without a hookshot.

Mirror Door to Thieves' Town

You can use the Mirror Door glitch to access most of Thieves' Town from Desert using only the mirror:

  • Pick up and throw a pot in the map room (on the same supertile as where you'll be doing the glitch)
  • Go to the south side of the left map room door
  • Item snap into the door, so that you're on the top pixel of the doorway in a state where you can use items
  • Tap north and use the mirror simultaneously
  • Wait 55 seconds
  • Go north to make a glitched transition into Thieves' Town 2F

The camera will be weird and unlocked after you enter Thieves' Town. Using the stairs a few times will partially, but not completely, fix the camera. If you try to go south on the conveyor belt (the "Hellway"), you will probably wrap the screen and get softlocked. You will also softlock if you try to walk north through a subtile door.

There's still a route you can follow through the dungeon, which starts with going down the stairs, collecting the key, hitting the crystal switch, and returning upstairs. You can bomb the floor, and you can reach Blind's cell if you have the big key.

At the cost of a small key you wouldn't normally spend -- possibly an extra small key that you brought from Desert -- you can open the Big Key Door from behind, and get out to the front of the dungeon and the Village of Outcasts, or you can also get there by defeating Blind. You'll be in Fake Dark World state.

YBA to Thieves' Town

A subtile YBA in the same door as the Mirror Door described above will take you to the same place in Thieves' Town.

Somaria transition corruption to Thieves' Town

You can reach the 2F hallway of Thieves' Town (NL) using a Somaria Door glitch. This can be a way to bomb the cracked floor early, as well as opening the nearby chest.

However, the camera will be broken in a way that makes north/south transitions go to the wrong places. It will be difficult to navigate the rest of Thieves' Town.

YBA to Misery Mire

You can reach the dark basement of Misery Mire with a subtile YBA southward from the fairy room of Desert. This is part of a "mega-route" for reaching many dungeons in cave state.

In order to not break the camera when doing a south YBA, you need to tap left or right to back slightly out of the door, scrolling the screen to a particular position. A certain row of lighter pixels in the door bricks should be at the bottom of your screen before you walk down through the door:


A pixel higher than that is also okay, so you don't need to be extremely careful.

Somaria transition corruption to Swamp Palace

This is an east Somaria Door glitch in the Desert small key door, which starts with a door juke that requires some unfortunately precise movements.

You need to snap as far as possible into the door by throwing the somaria block in the door (often perpendicular to the door will work, once you're in), picking it up from farther in, and pressing left to snap. This process can get you to an X-coordinate of $AE8. Throw the block and boots-buffer twice to move exactly 2 pixels right to get to $AEA, pick up the block again, and tap left to snap to $AF0, beyond the transition point. That part is the juke.

Throw the block (still facing left) and move 3-5 pixels left, to $AED, $AEC, or $AEB. Now you can push the block over the transition by tapping right, causing Somaria Transition Corruption. The screen briefly flashes black and scrolls a bit when the corruption happens.

Now you can walk right into the room with the chest. The shutter door may or may not automatically open; kill the enemies if necessary. Walking north through the shutter door, now that it's corrupted, takes you to the flooded chest room in Swamp Palace.

The camera will be unlocked in Swamp Palace (NL). You won't be able to walk through east doors, and you can only walk through one west door.

You will have the Desert Palace tileset until you walk up some stairs. In this tileset, you can't walk through waterfalls, so you can't go directly to Arrghus. Go up the stairs to fix the tileset first.

Double YBA to Swamp Palace

This glitch has the same effect as the Somaria glitch above, but uses two bottles to perform two YBAs in the same door. The first is a subtile YBA, and the second counts as a supertile YBA. You'll most likely want to use a red potion for both, but the second could be blue.

One way to recognize the correct pixel is that the pattern of spots on the left side of the screen will be centered in a 2px margin, and the one on the right side will be centered in a 1px margin. If you overshoot, you can attempt to buffer 1px right, but the screen won't scroll back to show you if you succeeded.

After the second YBA, go right through the door to get the same effect as the Somaria glitch above.

Getting the crystal

You'll usually get the crystal by defeating Lanmolas, perhaps reaching it with a YBA.

If you have no bottle or no sword, and can't reach Lanmolas normally, you could also perform one of the above door glitches that gets you to Thieves' Town (NL) and defeat Blind. In unlikely circumstances where you have flippers and the cane, you could use the Somaria glitch to Swamp Palace (NL) and defeat Arrghus.