Bomb Duping

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Bomb Duping
Classification Minor Glitch
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Bomb Duping is a glitch that allows the player to regain the Super Bomb as a follower after leaving it behind and having it reappear as the timer runs out.


Leave the Super Bomb behind by pressing A and then right as the timer reaches 0, refresh the screen in some way and then the bomb will reappear behind Link, following again. This transition timing has a little bit of leeway but if the player is not quick enough the bomb might fully explode and the dupe will fail. Here are the known ways to refresh the screen to cause a Bomb Dupe:

  • Perform a Screen Transition (Easy difficulty. This is the safest method as you can buffer frames by simply transitioning back and forth through the screen until the bomb dupe occurs)
  • Mirroring (Moderate difficulty. You can pause or select buffer to assist you in finding the moment the countdown timer reaches 0 without under- or overshooting)
  • Ancilla Overload (Moderate Difficulty. You can overload the Ancilla Slots to prevent the explosion from happening as the timer reaches 0 to dupe the bomb. Note that regular bombs cannot be used to fill ancilla slots since having the big bomb prevents their use.
  • Fairy revival (High difficulty. Pause or select buffering will help, but still requires precise timing which usually relies on enemy RNG since you cannot use your own bombs to kill yourself)
  • Fluting (Highest difficulty as you have to time the flute activation without any visual cue or buffering. There is also no known reason to do this since you may already flute with the Super Bomb)


This glitch is useful to quickly dash though some screens on the way to the Pyramid Fairy. In 100% NMG or when you have defeated Aga1 and have the Magic Mirror in randomizer, it is used to hop off the ledge north of the Bomb Shop and regain the bomb follower to save time. It can also be used to sequence break Hammer or Agahnim by duping the bomb. This sequence break is useful since without the Hammer or having Agahnim defeated the player must hop off a ledge which will drop the bomb. Performing the dupe will regain the bomb as a follower.


Screen Transition Dupe Swim and Mirror Dupe Ancilla Overload Dupe
BombDupe-PegBridge.gif BombDupe - Ice Lake.gif Bomb Dupe - Ancilla Overload.gif

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