Bomb Dash

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Bomb Dash
Classification Minor Glitch
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Bomb Dash is a glitch that allows the player to dash with the Boots and still have the Super Bomb or Purple Chest follow when it otherwise would be left behind. If the start of a dash charge occurs while the follower is catching up to the player the follower won't be dropped.


This glitch can performed in three main different ways:

  • Take damage and then immediately charge a dash right after the knock-back animation.
  • Use the Hookshot and charge a dash right after as follower is catching up to the player.
  • Hop off a ledge then charge a dash immediately after (this application is only useful with the Purple Chest as the Super Bomb will stop following you after you hop off of a ledge)


This is mainly just useful for traveling to the Pyramid Fairy slightly faster than just walking.


Bomb Dash with Damage Bomb Dash with Hookshot
BombDash - Damage.gif BombDash - Hookshot.gif

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