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Block clip
Classification Minor Glitch
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Block Clipping is a glitch when pushable blocks that usually act as a solid object will allow projectiles to pass through them during the moving animation. Additionally, Mirror Block Erase is a glitch using the Magic Mirror during the moving animation will just erase the block completely.


Repeatedly press Y while using the Hookshot, Fire Rod, or Magic Mirror while a pushable block is moving.

Uses and Examples


Using the Hookshot while a block in moving can let Link travel though the block by grappling to something on the other side. Some examples of locations where this can be useful include:

Ice Palace Big Chest

Fire Rod

Using the Fire Rod while the block is useful for lighting the torches on the way to Misery Mire's Big Key Chest.

Misery Mire Torches

Magic Mirror

Places where Mirror Block Erase can be used include:

Item in the Dam

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