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Block Clip

Typically when inside dungeons or caves pushable blocks act as a solid object that can block the range of items such as Hookshot or Fire Rod. However, when Link pushes a block there is a short period of time where the moving block is no longer considered a solid object and these items can pass though the block while it is in motion.

This glitch can be used to save time not having to wait to fully push blocks out of the way to proceed though or to light torches quicker.


Using the Hookshot while a block in moving can let Link travel though the block by grappling to something on the other side. Some examples of locations where this can be useful include:

  • Accessing the Ice Palace Big Chest without dropping down.
  • Traveling through Superbunny Cave more quickly
  • Getting the Dam item and draining the swamp in a single trip.
  • Skipping a block push after Moldorm2



Using the Fire Rod while the block is useful for lighting the torches on the way to the vanilla Big Key in Misery Mire.