Barrier Revival

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Barrier Revival
Classification Minor Glitch
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Barrier Revival is a glitch that can give the player access to Agahnim's Tower without having a Magical Sword, Magic Cape, or Hammer (swordless).


To perform this glitch the player must have the Magic Mirror, a Bottled Fairy, and be at less than one heart of health. Start on the staircase the top of the Pyramid and align Link with the right side of the stairs. Move upwards to touch the top wall and then position Link exactly 1 pixel down, while still facing north. Once in position, use the Magic Mirror, the barrier will deplete your remaining health, and then hold ^ though the fairy revival sequence. If successful, Link should open the door before dying and then be hit into the tower after fairy reviving.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failing this glitch can be very punishing. If the player is not at the correct health or position there is a high change of causing a hard lock of the game. To assist in getting less than one heart of health, mirror normally to the light world and take a quarter-heart damage from the Barrier until the health bar visually turns to a half-heart.


This glitch can be useful in "MCS Shuffle" or "Keysanity" to access the two chests inside Agahnim Tower.

This glitch can also be used in Entrance Randomizer to sequence break inside of an entrance that might otherwise be inaccessible.


Barrier Revival Example
Aga Barrier Revival.gif

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