Locations (top)

First some place names that the rando community ues, which you should know:

Hints that tell you where an item is can describe one or more places. Some of thse may be pretty obvious, I'm just reassuring you that they're not all a trick.

Locations can be described as requirements instead, such as "Fire rod requires the hammer". This doesn't refer to the specific logic of the sed. "Requires the hammer" is just a particular list of places, as you'll see below.

Items (top)

Many hints about items just name the item. Here are the ones that aren't 100% clear:

Keys (top)

Dungeon NameDungeon IDSmallBig
GenericGKGeneric Key 
Hyrule CastleH1Hyrule Castle KeyHyrule Castle Big Key
SewersH2Sewers KeySewers Big Key
Eastern PalaceP1Eastern Palace KeyEastern Palace Big Key
Desert PalaceP2Desert Palace KeyDesert Palace Big Key
Tower of HeraP3Tower of Hera KeyTower of Hera Big Key
Agahnims TowerA1Agahnims Tower KeyAgahnims Tower Big Key
Palace of DarknessD1Palace of Darkness KeyPalace of Darkness Big Key
Swamp PalaceD2Swamp Palace KeySwamp Palace Big Key
Skull WoodsD3Skull Woods KeySkull Woods Big Key
Thieves TownD4Thieves Town KeyThieves Town Big Key
Ice PalaceD5Ice Palace KeyIce Palace Big Key
Misery MireD6Misery Mire KeyMisery Mire Big Key
Turtle RockD7Turtle Rock KeyTurtle Rock Big Key
Ganons TowerA2Ganons Tower KeyBig Key of evils bane

Useless hints (top)