Where can I get this thing? *
Join the Discord and check the #faq channel.
How do I customize this thing? * *
Join the Discord and check the #faq channel.
I am having issues installing packs on this thing/this thing fails to update... * *
Your virus scanner may be over-aggressive. Try disabling it temporarily, or add an exclusion for EmoTracker. Packs are stored in Documents/EmoTracker.
If this fails to work, join the Discord and check the #faq channel.
Does/will this thing work on MacOS/Linux? *
No. It uses a lot of Windows-specific libraries.
Is this thing open-source? *
The core application is not. The tracker packs are.
I've finished or am actively developing a pack for this thing... *
DM EmoSaru to request the Pack Developer role.
I am seeing weird squares in the title bar... *
Get this font.
What do the location colors on the map mean? *
The default colors are as follows:
GreenFully accessible ("Normal")
BlueVisually checkable but not accessible ("Inspect")
(Crossproduct-based trackers use Yellow for this)
YellowAccessible via sequence-break/allowed glitches, or in dungeons, potentially clearable without being able to check every chest ("Sequence Break")
(Crossproduct-based trackers use a darker color for the first purpose and Yellow for the second purpose)
OrangePartially-accessible - some portions are accessible, but some are inaccessible ("Partial")
(Crossproduct-based trackers use Yellow for this)
RedInaccessible ("None")
Keyboard Shortcuts *
F2Broadcast View
F5Reset Tracker
F11Toggle All-Locations Mode
CTRL+Shift+SSave As...
CTRL+Mouse WheelZoom
I would like save/load or undo support. *
The latest version should include Save & Load support.
What do I need to know about save/load? *
Your save files will fail to load if any of the following things occur after saving:Make sure to finish your run before doing any of these things.
Enabling ChatHUD *
To get started, add the following like to your Documents/EmoTracker/application_settings.json file, right after the "last_active_package" line:
"twitch_channel": "your_channel_name_here",
ChatHUD Command Reference *
All ChatHUD commands start with !hud
resetReset Tracker
add usernameAdd Twitch username to edit list
remove usernameRemove Twitch username from edit list
ban usernameBan Twitch username from edit list
unban usernameUnban Twitch username from edit list
itemTrack item
item offDeactivate/untoggle item, if applicable
item downDecrement item, if applicable
item extraInstruct item to acknowledge value in extra (e.g. !hud ether mm flags Ether as the Misery Mire medallion)
Color-blind support for Map-Enabled packs *
The tracker supports customizing the colors from the default as shown above. Create a file called application_colors.json in Documents/EmoTracker. The default colors are used here as examples:
"accessibility_normal": "#00ff00",
"accessibility_inspect": "#6495ed",
"accessibility_sequencebreak": "#ffff00",
"accessibility_partial": "#ff8c00",
"accessibility_none": "#ff3030",
"accessibility_cleared": "#333333"
How can I bring back a location I accidentally cleared on this thing? *
Is there auto-tracking support on this thing? Will it be added? *
Certain packs have Auto-Tracking enabled. Look for the icon of the little robot friend.
Is there voice-activated support on this thing? *
Yep. Follow the rules of your community. Some communities explicitly disallow this.
I'm running 32-bit Windows. What am I missing? *
Voice-Activated commands for starters. Future integrations are not guaranteed to run on 32-bit Windows.
Can this thing run offline? *
Yeah, if you get your packs from online first. Autotracking requires an internet connection to function.
Community server is down? *
Either the Package Manager/Update Server is in fact down, or, more-likely, you need to update manually to a version greater than or equal to v2.3.6.5.